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Assessment Management


Assessments provide valuable information around student performance. Multiple assessment data sets can tell educators where they are and where they still need to go as they focus on student achievement.


Immediately view assessment data to modify instruction and increase student mastery.
The SchoolSpire Instructional Management System (SchoolSpire IMS):

Assessment Management module offers an easy, effective solution for Superintendents and District Administrators.
View mastery trends over the entire district and ‘drill down’ into the data. Compare campus performance to evaluate program success across the district.


Quickly and easily track student performance across the campus and per teacher on a daily basis and track campus performance across the district.

Through real-time data reporting, teachers can readily adapt the day’s instruction to address identified needs or to remediate any identified deficits.

The SchoolSpire IMS Assessment Management module provides a powerful one-stop shop for managing items assessments that can be used at the district, campus, and classroom level. The content –neutral item repository allows items to be imported, developed and sorted by multiple dimensions. A multitude of scoring options provides all users with real-time reporting capabilities.

The SchoolSpire IMS Assessment Management module allows users to manage test items, produce and schedule tests, and warehouses multiple years of national, state, and local assessment data. In addition, it has the flexibility to accept and house formal and informal screening and early literacy instruments that a district may already use.

Among its features, the Assessment Management module provides:

  • Assessment item banks. Users can create their own exam questions or access various question banks.

  • Quick test keys. A test key, tied to multiple standards, can quickly be added for existing assessments. 

  • Test wizard. Users can easily develop online and scanned assessments using the system’s powerful test wizard, which can filter questions by type, standard, unit, collection, etc.

  • Multiple scoring options. Options include plain paper scanning, OMR scanning, online testing, individual response pads/clickers, and rubric-based scoring.

  • Extensive reporting. The system provides over 300 preformatted reports, dashboards, and infinite ad hoc reporting creation for users at all levels. Reports can be organized by questions, objectives, or answer distribution and aggregated by campus, subject, course, teacher, or student.

All assessments developed and/or delivered through the system are scored immediately and provide instant access to data.

The benefits of the Assessment Management module include:

  • Relief from administrative burdens related to collection, recording, and analysis of objective mastery. 

  • Flattened costs for online testing versus the incremental cost of paper testing. 

  • Flexibility to accept and house formal and informal screening and early literacy instruments that a district may choose to incorporate into a student’s profile. 

  • Assessment items that are correlated to state and/or district curricular standards; ability to select and protect assessment items for district and campus use. 


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