Introducing Empower Bulletin Board and Messaging

Bulletin Board

Empower’s Bulletin Board functionality allows staff to send and receive messages and important announcements right within Empower. We are please to offer Bulletin Board and Messaging as part of our 7.9 release. Messages will support extended collaboration between Teachers, Administrators, Parents and Students.

Native messaging and announcements facilitate staff communication and collaboration, all without leaving the Empower.  Email, instant messaging, and push messages are a growing trend in K12 EdTech. With so many tools in use, it can be hard to provide information at the right time, and in the right place. With Bulletin Board, teachers, staff, parents and students can view and read messages and announcements right in Empower. The announcement feature provides the ability to push alerts to specific user groups, and displays them immediately upon login. This functionality also allows us to educate our customers with upcoming features, training and tips, and other relevant materials.


The Empower Bulletin Board is available right next to My Home Page, displaying and organizing messages and announcements for each user. Messages in Empower are organized in multiple folders, including Inbox, Sent and Draft folders. Messages can be flagged for follow up, and marked as read.


Administrative staff can also send announcements to larger groups at the role, campus, district or region level. These announcements can be set to show up automatically when users log in. Announcements can be set do display on a specific date, or date range.




Composing Messages

Teachers and Staff can compose messages using rich text, attachments and more.

Additional Features

Empower Messaging also includes a recipient directory and offers each user an address book containing frequent contacts.