Our 100% Aligned TEKS Item Bank

Access over items coded specifically to TEKS standards in grades K-12. All four core content areas are represented.


Over the past 18 years, SchoolSpire has provided school districts across the nation reliable instructional management, assessment, curriculum, teacher evaluation, and lesson planning tools. We are pleased to now offer SchoolSpire clients a Texas-aligned Item Bank!

Our 100% Aligned TEKS Item Bank

Access items coded specifically to TEKS standards in grades K-12. All four core content areas are represented. Additionally, a portion of this item bank offers Spanish items.

Content AreaEnglishSpanish
English Language Arts941334
Social Studies6,325669
Item Bank Development 

The item bank originated from curriculum and assessment work in Virginia, South Carolina, and Maryland, then expanded to work in Rhode Island and has now expanded further to include Texas and Oklahoma. Meaning, our team is well-versed in pedagogical and assessment trends across the nation, which you’ll notice reflected in the quality and breadth of our expanding TEKS item bank.

Texas educators under the direction and supervision of a team of experienced psychometricians actively participated in the creation and review of Texas items.

Development Plans

We continue to add TEKS-aligned items across all grades, which are continuously added as available. We are also working on complete grade level diagnostics for year-long TEKS objectives. Aligned ELA passages are available for some grades and paired passages are in development for all content areas.

Our Goal: Support Data-driven Instruction

Data-driven decision making relies on live data analysis of quality diagnostics and remedial indicators. It is our goal to support your efforts in using high-quality assessment data to drive instructional planning and decision-making, and our TEKS-aligned assessment items provide just that vehicle for data mining. 

We have had front row seats to assessment frameworks and content growth in this industry over the last decade, which has shaped our vision and priorities for SchoolSpire IMS’s growth.  We have learned how critical accessible quality instructional and assessment content is for a district’s success, hence why we’ve invested in a TEKS-aligned item bank for our Texas clients. 

Item Bank Highlight: Exit Surveys

We have completed a set of diagnostic exit survey aligned to TEKS standards in English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies grades K-12. When administered in SchoolSpire IMS’ online Assessment Module, reports indicate objective-based (item level analysis) and summary scores for each assessment. With this data, your teachers will quickly identify students at risk of falling behind and differentiate instruction to catch them back up to pace.

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