Give your teachers maximum flexibility in managing student performance data.

Student Tracking

 Give your teachers maximum flexibility in managing student performance data. 


The SchoolSpire Instructional Management System (SchoolSpire IMS): Student Tracking module promotes day-to-day success in the classroom, across the campus, and across the district by giving teachers maximum flexibility to enter and manage grades anytime, anywhere.  

Student Tracking integrates directly with the SchoolSpire IMS Assessment Management module and eliminates the need for manual entry of grades for scanned, online, or response pad-administered assessments. The color-coded system allows teachers to easily identify a student’s grade range. The system also provides a simple process to add, edit, delete, drop, and score non-system graded assignments. District staff members can define multiple grading matrices/scales used in grade reporting. 


Educators can use the Student Tracking and Gradebook module to correlate grades to national, state, and local district standards, as desired. Among its other benefits

  • Instant Assessment Results – Don’t wait on results! As soon as students submit an exam online, or scan sheets are submitted, results are available immediately for reporting.
  • One Touch Reporting – A variety of reports are available to run with one click after assessments are submitted.

Track Learning Standard Data over Multiple Assessments

Item Analysis with Item Preview

School and District Performance Variance

Non-system assignments can easily be added, edited, deleted, dropped and scored within the Gradebook.

  • The district can define multiple grading matrices/scales used in grade reporting and calculation or can allow teachers/campuses to define their own.

  • Gradebook allows for an unlimited number of assignment categories (quizzes, homework, projects, etc.) that can be grouped in any number of combinations using calculation rules (e.g., percentage weighting, total points, etc.).

  • Gradebook offers 24/7 access to ensure that data is current, as well as a nightly refresh function that updates district Student Information System (SIS) data and students’ schedules.


SchoolSpire IMS’ Student Tracking is a feature-packed command center, allowing teachers and staff to track students performance by their classes or student groups, release and score assignments, add program tracking forms, run one-touch reports and more.

Intuitive, Gradebook-Style Layout


  • Standard and Objective Mastery is deeply ingrained in performance data, with a wide variety of views.

Reteach-Enrichment view


  • In Empower IMS, creating and managing Student Groups allow teachers and administrators to track students based on specific needs, outside of the bounds of traditional class rosters. Whether teachers are tracking group assignments, creating a tutoring group, or creating groups based on students’ standards mastery, they are easily able to filter any performance data on these subsets.

Create or Add to Groups
  • Student Grouping allows Teachers to quickly create groups based on performance, special indicators, or manual selection to allow for targeted performance tracking.
  • District and Campus Administrators can use system-managed groups that allow them to easily track and manage students participating in special programs such as Section 504, Bilingual/ESL, RTI, and more. These groups automatically adjust according to the SIS-provided data based on special programs enrollment data.
  • Group Administrators can easily add additional staff to groups with varying levels of access to assist with program management.

  • Easy access to a wide variety of actions! Selecting a student’s grade allows you to quickly perform the following: Edit Answers, add a comment, unsubmit or delete the assessment, grade open-response items, and run individual student reports on test performance.

  • Integration with Program Tracking. The system-defined special programs forms allow users to collect additional information on a student’s performance and/or behavior. These forms can be released individually or en masse. Some of the supported programs include: 504 Intervention Tracking, Bil-ESL, Gifted and Talented, RTI, Special Education, DRA2 and more!

  • Integration with SIS. The system refreshes data nightly to update the district’s Student Information System (SIS) and students’ schedules.

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