SchoolSpire, Inc. Welcomes Region 7 ESC (TX)

PLANO, Texas, February 8th, 2019

Today, School Spire, Inc. announces the award by the Region 7 Education Service center to provide an additional avenue of purchase for our EMPOWER-IMS suite of solutions. Region 7 serves 95 school districts, 7 charter schools, and 13,305 square miles in 17 East Texas counties.

Working with thousands of teachers and administrators across the country, SchoolSpire knows the importance of using student assessment data in instruction. SchoolSpire’s Empower Online Assessment system enables teachers and districts real-time access to a wealth of instructional data to determine areas of needed instructional focus. Empower’s powerful analytics assist in reteaching, remediation, and reinforcement of key concepts and skills.  The quicker we help determine the areas of need, the quicker we can return teachers back to what they do best … teaching.

“Our product is Texas born and bred. We love the excitement and new opportunities we have to work with Districts, Educational Service Centers, and other Ed Tech partners to support student improvement through data-driven instruction and assessment.” – Muhammad Wasay, CEO

About School Spire

School Spire is a leading K-12 provider of instructional products and services.  Our EMPOWER product suite includes a complete Instructional Management System with fully integrated modules for Curriculum, Assessment, Item Banks, Reporting/Advanced Analytics, Professional Development, and Program Tracking. At School Spire, our primary focus is on providing diagnostic and directive solutions for our customers and their constituents. Solutions that deliver school districts both the information and more importantly the tools to meet their ever developing and challenging goals, of providing the best quality education for staff, students, parents, and community.  We understand that every implementation, just like every student, is unique, with different goals and challenges.

School Spire offers a unique system that will fully integrate with all your district’s existing systems, allowing configurable and modular solutions to service the general education population.