Wednesdays With Wasay – Hardware, Software, and Innovation in EdTech

Hardware, Software, and Innovation in EdTech

At SchoolSpire, our goal since initial inception is to provide a complete web-based assessment and reporting platform, that is device agnostic. As hardware continues to advance over time, it is important that software can maintain the same pace. We have seen the push towards continuous builds, starting with major browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and others.

In the earlier days, both users and their available products were limited by mandated workstation versions, often to maintain compliance with legacy SIS, enrollment, and HR systems. This meant that releasing new features would often alienate reasonably large sets of users, and often required a lot of backward compatibility support. This additional support was designed to try and wedge newer features into legacy versions of browsers while attempting to offer a consistent experience with those running on the latest technology.

As more wide-spread security incidents started to occur, system administrators slowly started recognizing the need to continuality update all their software (operating systems, browsers, etc.) and large user entities (including public and private companies, and school districts) that previously opted to stick with older versions to maintain compatibility started to expect more frequent security and compatibility updates from vendors. This shift has resulted in cost-effective, subscription-based services such as Office 365 that ensures the latest versions are available to subscribed users, no longer requiring them to re-purchase expensive suites or site licenses each time a major version is released.

This has made it easier for Empower to integrate with the latest tools and plugins, and spend less time working within the limited confines of older browser versions. Administrators, Educators, Students and Parents currently use Empower on a wide variety of devices, including Mac, Windows and Linux Desktops and Laptops, Chromebooks, as well as many tablet and mobile devices running iOS, Android, and Windows. Broad compatibility allows SchoolSpire and Empower to remain among the leaders in innovation in the K12 EdTech space.

Providing an interoperable and consistent experience across all these devices remains a priority at School Spire and ensures Empower’s users that the best device is the one they have.