Wednesdays with Wasay – Student Grouping

Being part of School Spire’s product evolution for almost 20 years, it is clear that the “one size fits all” methodology does not fit in today’s K12 EdTech World, and particularly regarding K12 Instructional Management Solutions(IMS) (also known as formative assessment or Learning Management Solution(LMS) for some states and districts). Let me focus this week’s ‘Wednesday With Wasay’ on a feature we recently rolled out called “Student Grouping”.

At SchoolSpire, we aggregate data from a wide variety of sources, including: National, State, Local Assessment Data, Behavior, Attendance and special programs intervention data. Often times districts have so much data from so many sources, it can be hard to aggregate and present it in a fashion that supports effective, actionable data-driven instruction. Let’s talk about how Student Grouping further extends these tools to tailored groups of students.

Student Grouping gives teachers more flexibility outside of their class rosters, with the added benefit of targeted performance tracking. For example, teachers can quickly create “pullout” groups of students based on learning standard performance. This allows them to address the tailored needs of different students or groups of students on their unique paths to proficiency. Teachers and administrators can quickly create and manage groups to filter assessment performance on custom-defined subsets of students, based on any performance metric.

Student Grouping can also be used by administrative staff (such as 504 coordinators, or LPAC Administrators) in the form of system-managed groups that automatically include all students that are part of those programs. They can add additional staff to these groups as necessary, so they don’t have to go class by class to track the subsets of students in special programs.

After 20 years of catering to assessment and reporting solutions for our US clients, we have processed over 40 million student assessments, captured via different sources. We spent years on our assessment authoring and delivering framework, to offer a scalable and self-serviceable, enterprise-grade transactional system to capture and display meaningful data to support data-driven instruction. We launched our Empower Analytics solution last year to empower our users (administrators, teacher, student and parents) and provide easy-to-access and easy-to-interpret data to be able to intervene accordingly. Student Grouping allows for more efficient access to this data.

Learn more about Student Grouping and Student Tracking.

Muhammad Wasay
CEO, SchoolSpire, Inc.