Since our beginning in 1999, SchoolSpire’s staff of EdTech professionals have been in-touch and in-tune with educators across the country. Through numerous avenues of interaction with education experts including seminars, conventions, and customer training sessions, our staff of professional educators has opened the door for SchoolSpire’s technical team to deliver ground breaking and innovative solutions that can reveal the comprehensive performance picture of one student in one class or all students across an entire district.

With new features like our new Learning Standards Performance Overview, the performance picture educators have always wanted to see can easily be seen by the right staff at the right time. Whether that be a classroom teacher who wants to know how his or her students are responding to classroom instruction, all the way to the district superintendent who wants to know if a key demographic is being adequately and equitably served by district staff, SchoolSpire’s reporting solutions, including the new Learning Standards Performance Overview, provide the answers.

We are extremely proud to extend these powerful reporting tools to our student and parent portals, giving students and parents detailed insight into local, state and third party assessment data, and learning standard growth. These tools provide much more meaningful information than grades on test papers. Students and parents are able to quickly determine and act on needed areas of enrichment without waiting on test scores or report cards, enabling new levels of control and involvement in the students’ education and growth.


Muhammad Wasay, CEO
SchoolSpire, Inc.