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Curriculum Management

Successfully address the challenges of maintaining a rigorous and progressive curriculum that meets the needs of all learners.


The SchoolSpire Instructional Management System (SchoolSpire IMS): Curriculum Management module provides a practical solution to help educators create and manage meaningful and engaging curricular content.
The module gives educators the ability to collaborate and develop content that meets the needs of the district’s learning population, along with extensive analysis capabilities with which to identify academic gaps. The system supports the most popular curriculum mapping and lesson planning frameworks and also gives districts the flexibility to create their own structures.

The SchoolSpire IMS Curriculum Management module gives district staff members the ability to add resources at any level, including local and national curriculum frameworks. Teachers can personalize their curriculum or choose from district-developed lesson plans.

Among its features, the Curriculum Management module provides:

  • Instructional Units. Units of instruction can be designed and added to specific timeframes using local, state, or national standards or benchmarks. 

  • Links to standards. Users can enter locally developed, district-selected standards and the system comes pre loaded with state and/or Common Core standards.

  • Search capabilities. Users can search all curriculum and instructional resources and materials based on grade level, content area, standards, keywords, and more.

  • Lesson Planning. Teachers can create daily or weekly lesson plans associated with the district curriculum and share them with colleagues or administrators.

  • Administrative Oversight. Campus administrators have the ability to view teacher lesson plans and quickly discern who is on track and who may be in need of assistance. 

  • Connected to Data. When used in conjunction with the assessment module, the Curriculum Management module allows teachers to identify, from the curriculum screen, which students may need pre-teaching, re-teaching, or enrichment activities based on assessment results and the standards associated with the units.

With the SchoolSpire IMS Curriculum Management module, teachers spend less time searching for appropriate activities and resources and more time with students. Other benefits include:

  • Efficient collaboration on the development of instructional resources in a variety of types and formats, allowing curriculum staff members and teachers to efficiently work together inter/intra-district.

  • Repository of lesson plans, instructional strategies, learning activities, and assessments that can be developed by experts and accessed by all teachers, district-wide. 

  • District curriculum staff has the ability to easily and readily make changes and corrections, which are then immediately available to all teachers, allowing for faster implementation of changes in curriculum.

  • The district’s curriculum can contain multiple, configurable documents, links, and information as needed to supplement the curriculum. 

  • Educators have access to a vast selection of templates for different content areas, grade levels, and modifications (ESL, GT, Spec. Ed., etc).

When coupled with the fully integrated SchoolSpire IMS Assessment Management module, results can be accessed from within the curriculum module to help identify areas of need and/or enrichment and determine resources for immediate intervention.  

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