Monitor instructional delivery more effectively to improve teacher quality.

Educator Effectiveness

 Monitor instructional delivery more effectively to improve teacher quality. 


The SchoolSpire Instructional Management System (SchoolSpire IMS): Educator Effectiveness module is a user-friendly tool that targets teaching and learning and allows users to evaluate a school or district’s teaching staff more effectively and efficiently.  

The module offers principals a comprehensive awareness of staff members, while engaging teachers in a reflective improvement process. It enables districts to evaluate all employees, provide a second evaluator when needed, and make decisions on instructional strategies and effectiveness based on comprehensive data. 


Because every school is different, users of the SchoolSpire IMS Educator Effectiveness module have the ability to customize required district and state evaluations to fit their unique needs. Users can create customized observational protocols or “look-fors” for a variety of data collection purposes and to capture data based on a district’s teaching methods and strategies. The system also offers  

  • Easy access. Principals can easily view staff rosters and track how many walk-throughs have been performed, whether a staff member has had a formal evaluation, and if the summative has been completed for viewing. 

  • Constant Availability. Staff members can view their evaluations online at any time. 

  • Automatic Storage. All generated reports are automatically stored and printable. 

  • Non-teacher evaluations. Users can evaluate non teaching staff members and provide a second evaluator when needed.


The SchoolSpire IMS Educator Evaluation module supports district-wide evaluators and viewers. Other benefits include  

  • Trend identification. With district-wide reporting, users can identify trends among teaching staff members and evaluation outcomes which, in turn, can drive professional development decisions and needs. 

  • One-stop access. All documents and information can be accessed in one Web-based location. Effective data use. The system gives users the ability to track and manage observational data and appraisal data. 

  • Reporting. Users have the capability to report on data at school and district levels. 

  • Teacher Tracking. Teacher information moves with teachers as they change schools. 

  • Data storage. The system allows for storage of non teaching staff member evaluations.

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