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Reporting Plus®

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The SchoolSpire IMS Reporting module is designed to give educators a detailed view of their students’ performance as well as provide districts with data to assist in assessing the effectiveness of current practices and initiatives. With drill-down capabilities, SchoolSpire IMS Reporting allows users to easily switch from a comprehensive district view to a detailed, single student view. The module offers benefits to  

District staff.  

With one click, a district staff member can generate preformatted reports that provide current and longitudinal analyses at all levels, and can quickly and easily access dashboards containing key performance indicators and views that give insight to organizational information such as enrollment, attendance, and formative assessment trends.  

Campus Administrators.  

Campus staff members can receive up-to-date information on students, staff, and the progress of the campus towards improvement plans and goals. In addition, principals can view campus-level trends and anomalies with fast response times, including an option to receive information regularly via e-mail.  

Instructional Staff.  

Instructors can receive real time data on student progress and performance, which can assist them with immediate instructional decisions. Various levels of reporting provide educators with data that is deconstructed and linked to curriculum objectives to assist with the monitoring of student mastery. 


The SchoolSpire IMS Reporting module offers a complete learning portfolio for every student that includes pertinent demographic and programmatic information and a history of assessment data. Reports can be disaggregated by any variable present in the student record to monitor performance by all state and federal reporting requirements. SchoolSpire IMS Reporting offers users robust report design capabilities, allowing staff members to structure report layouts to match existing hardcopy reports to make those reports available to all users.

Among its features, the Reporting Plus® module provides:

  • Reporting abilities. The module interfaces with existing district databases to import relevant student, program, demographic, and staff information. Teacher and staff information can also be included to enable systematic analysis of organizational performance. 

  • All level access. Report on performance by district, campus, teacher, class, or student regarding objective mastery with or without disaggregation by student demographics. 

  • Personalized learning. Report on individual students across multiple assessments and years to create student portfolio views and academic plans. 

  • Filtered reporting. Filter and create groups of students by grade, subject, course, assessment, program, ethnicity, gender, performance, etc. 

  • Consolidated information. The module allows guided exploration of information pertaining to all dimensions of the district, regardless of where the data is sourced, and allows users to explore and analyze large volumes of data covering the scope of the school system. 

  • Output format options. Information is delivered via the Internet or on mobile devices; users have the ability to choose from several output formats including PDF, Excel, CSV, or XML. 

  • Dashboards. The module offers a variety of dashboards to assist with monitoring, measuring, and managing organization performance; dashboards communicate complex information quickly and in an easily understood format. The module translates information from the district’s various systems and data into visually rich presentations using gauges, maps, charts, and other graphical elements to show multiple results together. 

  • Drill-through. Users can see detailed data and transactions, such as specific test scores and attendance entries, supporting decision-making at the most appropriate level and with all required information to take action. 

  • Alerts and e-mails. Users can send alerts for events such as an alarming trend in absenteeism that may require action. They can also schedule reports to e-mail information to an appropriate group of recipients.


SchoolSpire IMS Reporting warehouses multiple years of any national, state, and local assessment data. With the system’s ability to interface with existing district databases, the district has the ability to import relevant student, program, demographic, and staff information, all of which is significant to the instructional decision-making process. The module provides districts with a full breadth of business intelligence capabilities, including managed reporting, ad-hoc reporting, and analytical reporting. Leveraging pre-built dashboards, administrators have access to information at their fingertips. Among the benefits of SchoolSpire IMS Reporting,  

  • District and campus administrative staff members can manage reporting needs. 

  • The system merges reporting of multiple data sources into a single user-friendly tool. 

  • With disaggregated reporting, districts have the ability to monitor student performance by all state and federal reporting requirements. 

  • Combined with the SchoolSpire IMS Assessment module, districts have the ability to integrate reporting with a variety of data entry options, score assessments, and can access results immediately. 

  • Users have immediate access to information in pre-built formats for fact-based decision-making. 

  • Users can extend the pre-built content for additional customized content. 

  • The system gives users a fully secured means to collect, analyze, and use data to promote effective decision-making.

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